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Horny Hungarian Lucy Love has several fuck fantasies she replays in her mind from years of reading erotic fiction, or as they say in the biz, dirty books. It's a wet dream that's been a staple for two hundred years: the rich, aristocratic bitch married to a rich, old fart who can't put out the fire in her panties. So she seeks out the virile hunks who tend the garden, the pool, the house and the stable.These dudes usually work shirtless so their mistress can spy on them and get horny until she begs for a hard ride somewhere on the property.

Hitomi is walking home from class and stops at a secluded, wooded area where she can study outdoors.

There are no big, bad wolves around to lick their chops at the sight of her.

We're told that the name Hitomi means "doubly beautiful," "benevolent" "pupil of the eye" and "wise." This Hitomi definitely fits all of those meanings. There are very good reasons why you SCORE Men voted Tigerr Benson Hardcore Performer of the Year. But equally when the guy grabs me by my hair and forces me onto him. There are handcuffs in the box and Tigerr wants to slap the cuffs on him.

Passion is the most important thing." With a wicked smile, Tigerr sweetly shows Angelo a box. With his wrists cuffed behind his back and on the couch, he waits to see what this sex kitten wants to do.

"It's a privilege to be a SCORE Girl," Alessandra tweeted. SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex? SCORELAND: Do you watch your videos alone or with a man? Plumbers and cable-TV guys, yes, that's a different story.

"Good girls are just bad girls who didn't get caught," she joked. Krystal didn't need to demand that the lawn guy fuck her when he couldn't mow her lawn.

Cupping her heavy jugs in her hands, she waits for him to nut, and when he does, she watches contentedly as her tits are coated and dripping with ball sauce. You'll enjoy every second of her boob swinging, shaking and jiggling and all the other things Milly has in mind to do on the farm.

"Being young and beautiful is incredibly fun and powerful, to say the least," Milly told us.

With her huge tits out, Tigerr tongue teases and boob-rubs his prick. Plus I look great telling the boys how to please me.

She deep-throats him and gets up, turns around and sits on his cock, getting every inch up her Tigerr pussy. I'm extremely submissive to the right man but also sexually very confident if you wanted me to take control. In an earlier shoot with Tom and Max you were a domina with a whip. SCORELAND: Do the guys you meet prefer you as the dominant or the submissive? Also very normally in between too, as long as it's passionate and real.

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