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The Fender USA serial format was used on the Fender Japan E series because most of them were exported to the USA while Fender was undergoing a transitional period.

This guide explains the basic differences between Fender USA guitar serial numbering, and Fender Japan serial numbering.

The System II tremolo system was designed by John Page, Chip Todd and Charlie Gressett.

The System III tremolo system was designed by John Page, Dan Smith, Charlie Gressett and John Carruthers. Sometimes parts of the tremolo system are lost and one common modification is to make the bridge function as a hardtail by locking the bridge into a non movable position and installing a string tree for the first and second strings so that the strings don't slip out of the nut slots.

The humbucking pickups used in the Contemporary models have a DC resistance which is approximately 7.6 .

The single coil pickups used in the Contemporary models have a DC resistance which is approximately 5.6 kΩ.

I've asked those same questions when I got mine a few months ago.

Another bit of confusion was the E4 serial numbers.The System II and System III bridges have individual string height and individual string intonation adjustments.The System II and III tremolo systems use a height adjustable locking nut.The Contemporary models that use a TBX tone control use 500 kΩ volume pots and use 0.022 µF tone capacitors.The body wood is either a tan coloured Most of the Fender Japan serial numbers do not follow this format.Hence during 1985 to 1987, production of Fender guitars was only done in Japan, while USA Fender created a new factory in California. BUT note that the "E" and "N" series does sometimes appear on "made in Japan" models. In any case, if it says "made in Japan", then it is... Fender has recently (in the last 20 years) introduced LOTS of different serial numbers schemes, depending on the country the Fender was made (USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, etc). Sorry, since I do not collect new Fenders, I don't really keep track of these things.The Japanese-made Fenders do have some slight serial number differences (typically a "J" serial number prefix). I believe this was a mistake on Fender's part using the same prefix for both U. Below are some examples of letter prefixes used in recent serial number schemes.Take a look at the tables to see how old your Japanese Fender is. In March 1985, CBS sold Fender to a group of private investors.Thing is if one doesn't know if a previous owner changed to the TS pickups on an earlier year model then not much help.Yes, my password is: They also had the TES 3 tone burst Esquire According to this site, the serial makes puts the year of manufacture between The "D" prefix indicates Deluxe but note, this was not used till late early They switched to Tokai and Dyna to build their Japanese guitars after You are using an out of date browser.

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