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In Connie's debut appearance, she was voiced by Fairuza Balk.In all subsequent appearances, she is voiced by Lisa Wilhoit.

She has dated all three of the main male Griffins, Stewie in "Mc Stroke", Peter in "Let's Go to the Hop", and Chris in "Stew-Roids".

In "Let's Go to the Hop", it is shown that Peter has a strong attraction to Connie, and this is also shown in "Stew-Roids": when she gets knocked unconscious by Chris and two other girls, Peter lies on top of her after she got hurt, much to the disapproval of the party guests.

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He was sending mixed messages cause he always said his now wife was just a friend and nothing more as a matter of fact he said she meant nothing to him.

She is occasionally punished for her cruelty, and has been emotionally, physically and verbally attacked by each member of the Griffin clan, but this has not changed her attitude.

Connie's last name was changed in the early stages of Family Guy development from Connie Resedes because it was claimed in the DVD commentary for "Barely Legal" by Danny Smith that he thought Mila Kunis had trouble pronouncing the original name.She starred alongside Booboo Stewart in Descendants. P "." i));_H.feature&&n.push("feature=" _H.feature);n.push("chunk=" t);r="/hpm? Actress who made her on-screen debut in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants in the role of Jane. She trained at LA Casting Director Workshops and did some improv beginning as early as 2012.She plays the guitar and piano and also uploads covers to her You Tube channel. Her father's name is Dave and her mother's name is Shannon. She began dating her Descendants co-star Cameron Boyce in 2016.In "Let's Go to the Hop", Peter, while disguised as "Lando Griffin" was fooled into going to the Winter Snowball with Connie, however dumped her in front of everyone for Meg.She has done toad, but was impressed with Lando, who got her and other students to quit. Again, thanks for your insight and it's good to know that there are others that see the different faces that he is capable of wearing! I defended him on here cause he is a good person and I couldn't understand why people were saying crazy things about him. If not she is going to have a broken heart because the boy is good at his game, a real pro. Congrats on the marriage and baby his wife looks beautiful pregnant. But why is his wife cousin on here...maybe you are not convinced yourself about the relationship. Ya'll don't trust him or was it unrealistic for him to be with her. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. So I came on here, found answers and now going to keep it moving.

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