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So Pasquale made me promise I’d send them a picture every single day of my progress, of what I was doing and so now we have like 50, 60 pictures of showing every day and how much I got better. That at least helped us to stay a little bit more up to date. We went to Canadian Nationals in January, because it was in Mississauga, which is very close to Toronto. We went to do some media stuff, but that support from the Canadian audience was incredible.It made me feel so good and helped me stay motivated and know that there are people behind us all the way no matter what the outcome.

We’re getting used to doing Grand Prix, Nationals, Four Continents, Worlds, and then to be like, what to expect? So it was so exciting especially this season for us to get out again, give our programs one more time to be performed.

It was the perfect cap to the season, maybe we didn’t skate the best technically whatever, but we have enjoyed ourselves so much.

But I think it made us a better team throughout the whole year, because we’ve gone through all this in such a short time and it prepared us for the future. Usually our season is filled with a lot of lessons. They said, you’ll be on the ice but you won’t be any good. And so half time almost made it more important in the fact that every moment was very efficient, very scheduled. She gave me a schedule from morning to night every single day. Obviously I lost all my muscle from my hip all the way down.

It shows the strength that we have together as a couple and as individuals, because Kaitlyn to get back after her injury was such an amazing thing. We’ve gone through a lot together as a team, but this one especially is one that we thought when we set out this season we didn’t have the greatest start and to have the injury happen we were are a pretty bummed for a little bit, but we’ve learned so much, mostly – take nothing for granted. it’s unfortunate, I’ll probably have to take a couple of weeks off, maybe some (time) before Nationals. I was busy all through the day when I was doing after I had got my stitches out and do rehab. I think that with that determination and that ability to have the time to devote to it was very, very valuable. The doctors were like, there is now way, we can’t believe it. It was very, very strange to skate with one leg normal and one leg weak, very weak.

Kaitlyn: We knew exactly what the other person was going through.

Whether it was attempted run-throughs or not being able to skate on the session the whole time, it was nice to have them there and hopefully vice versa just to have someone to share the experience with. not horrible, but obviously not the most ideal (experience). Kaitlyn: It is so hard even to describe what it was like.

I think it’s a testament to the sport and the experiences that we’ve gained throughout our career.

It shows that we’ve come through adversity and that we kind of become better people from it.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje had a rough season with being sidelined by injury from December until Worlds. I have to do this rehab anyway, regardless of what competition we make it back for.

The Canadian team came back strong to finish 5th at the World Championships in their home country. When we set out our plan at the beginning of the season we didn’t imagine all the little bumps on the way. If I want to make it back, I have to do this very diligently.

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