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Links to the literature are established with Pub Med.

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These text-mining results were derived from the titles and abstracts of all articles in the literature database Pub Med.Every classified enzyme is characterized with respect to its catalyzed biochemical reaction.Kinetic properties of the corresponding reactants (that is, substrates and products) are described in detail.Furthermore, cross-references to external information resources such as sequence and 3D-structure databases, as well as biomedical ontologies, are provided.Extensions: Since 2006, the data in BRENDA is supplemented with information extracted from the scientific literature by a co-occurrence based text mining approach.No app:- Facebook- Instagram- Twitter- Youtube (Todos..THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR LESBIAN DATING APPWapa is the most popular dating app for lesbian, bi or curious women.A major update of the data in BRENDA is performed twice a year.Besides the upgrade of its content, improvements of the user interface are also incorporated into the BRENDA database.From 1996 to 2007, BRENDA was located at the University of Cologne.There, BRENDA developed into a publicly accessible enzyme information system.

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