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“When you get out of the car after a big win, you start thinking about all that stuff, and that’s when it hits you,” Truex said that afternoon. You can barely list all the setbacks this team has had the past few seasons.

You sign into your Instagram account and then fill out your name, email address, sex and date of birth, provide the city you live in, as well as the one you were born in, and a list of people who referred you.

Application process: Potential members have to sign into their Instagram account and provide their names, email address, birth day, and sex (left), as well as their current location and home town (right)If you are one of the lucky ones who makes it past the application process, you will then have to officially sign up, purchasing one or six month auto-renewing memberships for $7.99 or $9.99, respectively. She said there are artists, record-label employees, ad executives and photographers as well, but she noted that they all had at least a few thousand Instagram followers or were 'young and very attractive'.

Then he’ll pick up that trophy, the one that nobody could have anticipated after everything he’s been through. All have won Cup series championships except Truex Jr.

Whether you want a pre-selected prospect list or need to build a custom mailing list, our extensive data has you covered.

And when it comes to joining Raya, it is really all about who you know.

The more Raya members who recommend you or follow you, the more likely you'll be chosen to join the exclusive community that includes members such as Kelly Osbourne. But for all the hardships life has dealt him, he won’t let himself get caught up in the hype of this weekend. But yeah, when all that darkness is swirling around between your ears, it all cancels out, leaving nothing. “It’s been kind of wild just to see all the things that we’ve had to deal with, but that’s part of life,” Truex says. It helps us block out pressure in big situations, like this weekend, like racing for a championship.” Right. See how easy it is to get bogged down in all the other stuff life has in store? Then imagine having your every word, your every move broadcasted and dissected to millions of fans worldwide. But for all the pain, all the loss, you’ll never hear Truex complain. All the effort I’ve put in, all the ups and downs that I’ve been through, to finally come out on the very, very top, would be surreal.” Truex has as good a chance as anyone.Earlier this week, someone leaked a photo of 30-year-old Kelly's alleged profile on Instagram, and writer Alice Hines, who joined the app three weeks ago, revealed in an article for New York Magazine that she saw pro skateboarders, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, Dancing With the Stars professional dancers, a You Tube beauty guru, a teen celebrity chef and Moby' - just to name a few famous faces.All about who you know: According to Raya, there aren't any specific qualification for applicants per se, but the app's site notes that they 'rarely, if ever, consider an applicant who wasn't referred by a current member' The application process is simple. not OK, but at least it would be a payoff for the pain. So when Truex won in Charlotte earlier in the playoffs, his sixth victory of seven this season, it made sense that he broke down in Victory Lane. Then Truex’s business manager called a short time after they returned, telling them Heider said to return to the hospital immediately. Less than half of patients live five years past their diagnosis. But it’s impossible for that burden not to weigh on him.Alice explained that users' Raya profiles are a 'series of images set to single tracks of music'.And because privacy is important for its members, she reported that users who try to screenshot someone's profile will get an alert threatening to kick them off the app if the photo appears online. Finally, Truex’s business manager had suggested they see Dr. So the couple went in, doctors ran some scans, and sent Pollex back home. “I knew that’s not good.” Then the diagnosis: Pollex had Stage 3 ovarian cancer. According to the National Cancer Institue, just over 14,000 women will die from complications related to ovarian cancer in 2017. Truex, who began dating Pollex in 2005, has been with her every step. Pollex, who’d been complaining of pain and not feeling well for months, had been to a phone book’s worth of doctors and specialists. “But Sherry, man, she was like, ‘What do I have to do? Just like that.” Sherry Pollex, left and her boyfriend, NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr., host Catwalk for a Cause, a casino night and charity event with proceeds going toward cancer research. In the years since her diagnosis in 2014, Pollex has been through numerous surgeries, grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and bouts of pain throughout.

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