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The crimes occurred under the radar, hiding in the long dark shadows of secrecy, pain and trauma.

of 2018 I was exposed to a widespread dirty secret.

Today he is free to repeat his established pattern of behavior without oversight.

A veterinarian testified about the many animal clients she had seen over decades whom she suspected had been sexually abused.

They never knew whether their animals were safe and so they slept in their barns at night with shotguns at the ready.

Rachwal was fined 5 and was released on probation, according to the prosecutor.All that's required is a Wi-Fi connection and yes, you have to find the spot on the flight to get dirty. When I retired 30 years later I thought I had seen the full spectrum of human abuse, violence and degradation.What prompted the hearing was the infamous case of Wisconsin resident Sterling Rachwal whose behavior over 35 years was anything but sterling. The investigator testified to video evidence in which Rachwal snuck into a barn in Brown County and repeatedly thrust his arm into the rectum of a restrained draft horse.A second camera malfunctioned but the breadth of the crime became evident as the farmer described behavioral changes he saw in his three working horses.The horses spooked when there was activity behind them, such as pulling equipment.When a 1,400 pound horse enters a flight-fight response it is dangerous. A lady living on a farm in Brown County testified how she and her neighbors lived in constant fear for 35 years while Rachwal was sometimes incarcerated and sometimes free in the community.As a new Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) volunteer I was invited to testify before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, and there I met Melissa Tedrowe, the HSUS Wisconsin Director.Our goal was to amend Chapter 951 Crimes Against Animals. In the Christian bible 666 is the Mark of the Beast. In two hours of testimony I learned of a hidden network of animal sex offenders who communicate in online chat rooms.With over 10 million users, we bet you can surely find something here.If you haven't been snagging some tail lately, blame it on your skills in the bed.

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