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Peerguardian 2 lists not updating

The fact that this program breaks Battlefield 2 and Steam VAC connectivity is a huge concern considering its audience, doubly so because it gives no indication to its gaming audience that it will purposefully break such applications.

For example, a lot of ranges owned by Valve Software are blocked, meaning that some users must allow these IP addresses in order to connect to game servers.

The reasons behind Valve's addition to the blocklist follows a number of occasions where the organisation posted fake Bit Torrent downloads."It is not valid to make criticisms without full understanding.

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This is similar to the operation of most firewalls (where the user is prompted to allow an application to connect to the internet).

I have already stated my involvement with this project, so that there can be no doubt or suspicion about this - I am being open about that and thus far I have refrained from writing a longer article about this application because I have feared that it would be considered biased.While I'm not impartial here, from npov this is an invalid criticism since this is what PG is DESIGNED to do.I comment on this issue in the section about the Lists in criticism.I'm trying incredibly hard to keep this article accurate and comprehensive, and I am actually setting out the largest section of the article to the analysis of criticism of it.That is neutral (I think), while this is, while an issue people discover, not an actual problem with the application. You're involvement in the project itself is skewing your positioning of this article.Being on the receiving end of a block by software instead of being the one doing the blocking, made the peerguardian admins, and the staff at bluetack, lash out at ESET, instead of following the advice they hand out to others, and set the affected item in the program's exclude list. (talk) , (UTC) When did this become open sourced, I had thought that it was closed.The maintainer then blocked a range of update servers.This prompted ESET to class peerguardian as 'potentially unwanted software', as with all software that restricts the ability to update their AV product.The software had always been free and closed, we reckoned open source was the best way forward.It was licensed GPL originally, but the new version 2 has been z Lib from day one.

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