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It is no surprise that marriage has been dismantled over time (especially during the last century) through such events as the institution of no-fault divorce, artificial contraception (and its promotion thereof), and the legalization of abortion.

Unfortunately, this reality was not always revered, and we are now experiencing the consequences. in Theology from Catholic Distance University (special thanks to the intercession of St. He is a proud family man and has a passion for all things CATHOLIC!

Todd was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia (Go Phils! He has been involved in the Church, serving youth & young adults, for over 15 years in the areas of ministry, athletics, education, and outreach. You can follow him on twitter (@4Real Catholic) for spiritual and inspiring quotes from our Saints.

They have always held significance in the loving union between the husband and wife, who, through their total gift of self, devote themselves completely to the task of procreating and educating said children.

The conjugal act within the marital bond has always demonstrated an essential quality to the nobility of marriage, as has raising a family (and within the Church, continues to strengthen this vocation as a sacrament of service.) Marriage was never conceived to be simply a “lifestyle choice,” where children could be manufactured, if wanted (or destroyed, if not), and intentionally deprived of either parent.

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