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Good dating spots in nyc

They have an outdoor twinkly lights area, too, which is great in summer — and good munchies (mac and cheese balls) if you want some food.—Annie Daly I like Pinkberry because it’s no pressure. And best of all, you can pick up the entire tab and not feel like sh*t if your date sucks. Both are perfect date spots, but sometimes you need a little more than a Rag & Bone blazer and a tingly buzz to make magic happen. And you will leave feeling exposed, a little vulnerable, and very hungry. The steaming-hot baths, ice-cold tubs, and holy-hell-what-is-happening-to-my-body “flotarium” make for a highly sensual experience that you have to surrender to — as if you’re the star of your own soft-core porn.

The drink menu is on point, the bartenders are friendly, and the light is dim enough to feel intimate. They have a good candle situation in there, which makes it pretty cozy, and fairly big windows for people watching.

Good cocktails, good location, and fun snacks (cheeses and grilled cheeses and things).

Definitely more of a fall/winter bar than a summer bar, because it's dark wood and a classically warm, inviting atmosphere.

The cocktails are pretty expensive (like $13), but it's nice to just get one and then do whatever you want after depending on vibe.

Also, the vibe is very cozy and date-like — it's pretty dim lighting, dark wood paneling, and they have these big windows that are great for LES people watching.

—Annie Daly My favorite place in all of Brooklyn is Barcade in Williamsburg, which is also the perfect first date spot because dating awkwardness is completely avoidable there.If that doesn’t infuse your date night with magic, then the Harlem Love or Ella Fitz cocktails surely will. The speakeasy is located down an alley and, therefore, tends to be a little quieter than its neighboring East Village bars. —Elizabeth Lilly It's a cute little corner bar right on Washington, so it's easy to get to.—Matt Ortile Dear Irving has great cocktails and a very chill vibe.You have to make reservations and it feels super fancy inside.Dates are usually better when you leave room for the unexpected: indie (for that, check out artsy-fab Metrograph), but it’s a super-fun experience down in South Street seaport, a trippy and intoxicating destination in itself. Combine the two at this dusky Bond Street boutique, where your date holds the punching bag as you uppercut all your work/family/dating tension away — and then switch. Bonus: The gym is run by pretty-sexy-thang Olivia Young, object of the ultimate guy or girl crush, who also has an office stocked with good cold beer (just ask for one). Might your meal be executed more swiftly at, say, Chinese Tuxedo?You get pillows, blankets, and unlimited popcorn, plus movie “snacks” from a James Beard winner, and strong cocktails stirred by someone who — no doubt — calls himself a celebrity mixologist. For at the door and no drink minimum (or maximum), there’s no better bang for your date-night buck. Sure (and do go there when you want an equally flawless and stylish date-night resto).Alternatively, the Art Studio NY offers classes at the Met. A dramatically romantic sensation overcomes you the moment you sail through the gold hotel doors.The food at this iconic “dinner and a show” lounge belongs at your rich cousin’s wedding, but none of that matters, as you glide to your table — in a dreamlike state — with your lovely date on your arm, while waiting for Suzanne Vega to sing “Luka” (seriously) or Countess Lu Ann de Lesseps to have another one.It’s the type of place a guy who's definitely trying to impress you would take you.—Jessica Lima This is such an old-school classic bar; it feels like you should be able to smoke cigars in there.

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