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Only to be quickly relieved by the darkness and the bed sheets. im devastated that she isn’t here anymore, my best friend, my mom.

I’m still waiting for the relief, but its been almost 4 months now – something tells me its not coming. You were warm white sandy beaches and a dark, fearful well. But that’s the thing about psychosis, it takes your very spirit and plays the most cruel game of tug of war. But they say comedians are the most tortured people there are. Does it ever get easier or will I grieve for her forever?

I was in total shock to learn his cause of death was from Fentanyl. I love you ❤🤘🏼 With love, Your Daughter Lexi USA 10/09/95 – 01/09/18 Dear Alex, I love you so much. You were the most gorgeous, intelligent, gentleman I have ever met, and will ever meet. I pray every night that I see you in my dreams for that is the only way I can see you.

I know he wasn’t out looking for it so it was laced in the drugs he was taking. I thank god I got the opportunity to meet you and am waiting for the day I see you again.

The problem is, you put me on such a pedestal that I don’t know how to rebuilt it since it shattered into a infinite amount of pieces. You thought you were indestructible sometimes and other times you would ask me to tuck you in at night like a child. I had so many more things to tell her and do together but she had a fatal drug overdose of Carfentanil and u-47700. I know she loved me and my kids dearly but how could she take such a chance and make us suffer so much.

Waking up without you in the world was like waking up suddenly to find that you have no head. I can’t hear anything anymore – music, voices, nothing. There’s something obvious missing and my orientation is off. I’ve spent so long looking out for you, I’m lost without that role. I think of the times you were in recovery, glimpses of a “normal” childhood. I still think about my mom every day and how I miss her and love her.

It was the most painful day of my life since she was my best friend. Love you more West Columbia/Lexington I lost the love of my life on feb 27th 2017, Michael, we were getting married, so many plans, and this drug took hold of you more than our love…

I wish I knew the signs, but now that I do, I am ready to help. Philadelphia I lost my best friend on 2/2/2018 to an accidental Heroin Overdose. You said we would be together for ever and ever, and Im here alone , not a day goes by my love that I dont miss you and still love you with all my heart and soul…. I love you , Always Your Anna springfield,mass My son David .“Please Meagan” echoes in my head, just when I start to feel the lead blocks that seem to have replaced my bones start to lighten. I can no longer recall every last line on your face like I could 4 months ago. Sometimes I try to talk, but all that comes out is an indistinguishable wail. The kitchen has become my Everest now – almost impossible. I see you in every damn room, on every street corner. I cannot begin to tell you the pain and anguish my boy suffered from the demon called Heroin that owned him, I can tell you that the 2 weeks before his death were horrible I knew my son was near his end, but I was powerless and nothing I could do or say was going to change it. She took a fentanyl patch from her friend and died.The town I live in has become a macabre reminder of my former life. You’re no longer trapped in agony, a prisoner to prescribed poison. Jesus is the way , the truth and the life, when friends and family tell me how strong I am, I tell them my strength comes from God. She could’ve been saved but nobody called for help.He was an off and on drug user for years but I truly thought he was getting better. I want to bring awareness to young adolescents that opioid addiction is no joke. I’m left with memories and surround myself with the things that remind me of you.We separated when our child was 1 but I always loved him. Cranberry township, Pennsylvania Dad you had the brightest personality, outstanding humor & the biggest heart in the world. Drugs aren’t the way to go, it takes lives just like it took my fathers. I promise to keep our love alive however long I am alive.In fact, research confirms the most common reason people cite for not calling 911 is fear of police involvement.Twenty states and the District of Columbia have enacted policies to provide limited immunity from arrest or prosecution for minor drug law violations for people who summon help at the scene of an overdose.These policies protect only the caller and overdose victim from arrest and/or prosecution for simple drug possession, possession of paraphernalia, and/or being under the influence.Corsicana Tx 75110 Navarro Co Dad, The first thing that changed with you being gone, is that you weren’t there to tell me. “Goodnight, God bless, sweet dreams, love you lots, see you in the morning”. Jackie Nadine Schnell July 25th, 1983/ May 25th, 2016 My beautiful daughter, I’ll never let your memory die, and I’ll fight til my death to remind people that addiction is a disease…an equal opportunity destroyer of people from any walk of life, and to fight for better treatment centers for addicts, and to get our country to go after the drug distributors…..illegal and legal. 98272 It hasn’t been a year yet but it is drawing close.New Mexico was the first state to pass such a policy and has been joined in recent years by Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.Good Samaritan laws do not protect people from arrest for other offenses, such as selling or trafficking drugs, or driving while drugged.

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