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We understand why — glycerin is often sweet-tasting and is mistaken for a sugar.

Yeast feeds on sugar, so it would follow that glycerin can cause an overgrowth of yeast, right?

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When people say “it’s what’s inside that counts” they usually aren’t talking about sex lube.

But they should be — because while having a big heart and an awesome personality are great, we can all agree that choosing a personal lubricant that won’t give you “crotch burn” is pretty important too.

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Glycerin is a naturally-occurring compound that’s extracted from plants.

It can come in many forms, including nitroglycerin which is used in dynamite (don’t worry — that’s not the form we use as a lube ingredient!

Glycerin also helps create the slippery feel of lube and acts as a sort of cushion to reduce friction during sex.

We’ve received some concerned feedback from lube users who are afraid that glycerin will give them yeast infections.

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