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Bobby and Brenda find that Papa Jupiter managed to survive their trap, and Brenda finishes him off.They are then reunited with Doug, Catherine and Beast.After Big Brain tells him the mutants’ origins, Doug is attacked by Pluto, who severs two of his fingers with an axe.

When Lynn returns to the trailer she is greeted by Lizard and Pluto, and forced to let Lizard drink from her breasts while her baby is held at gunpoint.

When Ethel returns she is shot by Lizard, and Lynn stabs Lizard in the leg, prompting Lizard to shoot Lynn in the head.

Bobby returns to the trailer, but doesn’t mention Beauty’s death not wanting to frighten the rest of the family.

Later that night, the family is awakened by Bob’s screams, and they all rush from the trailer, except for Brenda and the baby, who are left behind.

After taking the supposed short-cut, their tires are punctured by a hidden spike strip.

Doug and Bob go look for help, while the rest of the family stays behind.When Bob exits he finds the hysterical Jeb, who commits suicide in front of him.In fear, Bob attempts to flee, but is attacked by the mutant leader, Papa Jupiter (Billy Drago), and dragged into the mining caves by Jupiter, Jupiter’s eldest son Lizard (Robert Joy), and Pluto.Lizard and Doug fight, and Lizard is presumed dead.When Doug turns his back Lizard aims a shotgun at him, but Ruby tackles Lizard off a cliff, killing them both.With them are their teenage children Bobby (Dan Byrd), and Brenda (Emilie de Ravin), eldest daughter Lynn (Vinessa Shaw), Lynn’s husband Doug Bukowski (Aaron Stanford), their baby daughter Catherine (Maisie Camilleri Preziosi), and their German Shepherds, Beauty and Beast.In the New Mexico desert, they meet a gas station attendant named Jeb (Tom Bower), who tells them of a short-cut through the hills.Lizard and Pluto flee with the baby after Lizard attempts to shoot Brenda.Doug and Bobby return to the trailer and discover Lynn and Ethel, who die shortly afterward.Lizard takes a cleaver and prepares to kill Catherine, but finds that Ruby has taken her.Doug sees Ruby running through the hills with Catherine and follows her.

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