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Although the inclusion of an A/B speaker switch added some listening flexibility, the limitation of that feature is that if you have those extra speakers in another room, you can only listen to the same source that is playing in the main room.Also, by connecting those additional speakers, the power going to all your speakers is reduced due to the splitting of the signal to four speakers, rather than just two.Kindly take note that all New Registration that placed during the break will only be processed after the break which is on 1/2/2017(Wednesday) . Hookup management wish you all a prosperous & Happy New Year!

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n the days before home theater receivers and surround sound, stereo was the main listening option for both music and movies.

In other words, in this type of application, when Zone 2 is activated, the main zone system defaults to 5.1 channels. If you have a home theater receiver that has a set of RCA audio outputs that are labeled Zone 2, you will have to connect an additional external amplifier to your home theater receiver in order to access this type of Zone 2 feature.

The added speakers are then connected to that external amplifier.

For example, the user can be watching a Blu-ray Disc or DVD movie with surround sound in the main room, while someone else can listen to a CD player, AM/FM radio, or another two-channel source in another room at the same time.

Both the Blu-ray Disc or DVD player and CD player are connected to the same receiver but are accessed and controlled separately, using the same main receiver. Katherine Greyson works in a heavily male-populated field. One evening she meets John Reese, a man that makes her feel like the woman she truly is. This fic is in response to a challenge fic by Ga Me PIGMSN over on Tumblr: POI characters, fic based on the song: Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. It's not as naughty as my regular fics but it is rated T and it will change over to M in the next chap. This adds more flexibility than just connecting additional speakers and placing them in another room, as with an A/B speaker switch.In other words, the Zone 2 feature allows control of either the same or a separate source than the one being listened to in the main room, in another location.One interesting feature that most stereo receivers had (and most still have) is referred to as an A/B Speaker Switch.This feature allows a stereo receiver to hook up to another set of speakers so that they can either be placed in the back of the room for a more room-filling sound or in another room entirely to make music listening more convenient without having to set up a second system. She makes it very clear that she is attracted to Reese, Carter is having none of that... Please be informed that our company will be closed from 27/1/2017 (Friday) 31/1/2017 (Tuesday)for Chinese New Year Holidays.However, as you move to higher-end home theater receivers, you might find, in some cases, that the provided Zone 2 option can accommodate analog video with digital audio and streaming sources as well.In fact, a growing number of midrange and higher-end receivers also provide HDMI audio and video output for Zone 2 access.

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