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Vb net toolstripstatuslabel not updating

You then can right click on your project itsself (the one in bold), not the individual form, and click add new item.

It will then take you to the options of things you can add. It will then open another form under your project, default name Form2.

For this to work your database must be stored in the Debug folder which is in the bin folder of your project.

You should also have a Crystal Report Viewer placed on the form this code is being used with.

:) To create a report, right click on your project and Add New Item.

Choose Reporting on the left, then choose report wizard.

When the dialog box appears select Reporting and Crystal Report.

Name the report something you can remember associating it with the information you want to report on. When this box appears Choose Create New Connection.

Create a new project the first time and it will take you to a brand new form, Form1 is the default name.

After you have designed the form, you can rename it and save it.

You continue to do the same steps until you have designed and created all the forms needed for your project.

If they are not all under the same project, it will not work!!

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