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Be sure to read an item's tooltip carefully and you should be able to figure out when you can use an item and when not. Answer: You can use the "Combine Items" button for that.

At the top of your inventory, there's a button with a Hammer Potion icon.

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Readers are responsible for doing their own research before following any advice given here... My husband recently told me that he is thinking more and more about a polyamorous lifestyle. I feel strong pulls to be emotionally, and perhaps down the road, physically involved with other men with whom I've developed... There's a lot to process in your relationship right now, so I'm glad you saw those previous posts about how to handle those changes, if there are to be any. I know there is a way of thinking that being poly can be something along the lines of "I'm just not wired for monogamy," and is, in fact, a way of BEING instead of just a way of LIVING.

Answer: Skills go in your inventory and are used just like items.

Unlike items, skills often have a cooldown and can generally be used multiple times or even indefinitely.

Polyamory as an orientation in itself requires is a bit of self-awareness.

But polyamory as a practice requires honesty and an ethical approach with each partner or prospective partners.

We're at an unprecedented time of advanced resources about polyamory.

There are so many books, articles, online forums, and real-life community meetups.

Click the icon to launch the Hand Grenade with the Catapult. This simply means the item can not be used at this precise moment.

However, to avoid people spamming the chat by clicking their items there is generally a chance you'll break or lose the item: Sexy Sarah broke her Hammer.

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