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Cfform not validating

This is not an Ajax control in that lookups are not asynchronous, there is no communication back to the server to retrieve data, all data is local.This is actually a preferred form of auto-suggest for smaller lists.Auto-suggest requires that results be returns in a single dimensional array (for now, hopefully this will change before we ship the final product), and so the code populates an array with the results which are then returned.

The second param is a regular expression which you are looking to replace.

The regular expression “\s ” means one or more white space characters.

It may look fancy and tough, but it is actually very easy to achieve the same. To make the rows sortable, you need to use table body (tbody) as the selector.

Sortable plugin also provides a way to let us know the current order of the rows.

Add the following javascript code to reorder the table rows using individual buttons: What is happening here, is that as soon as an arrow button is clicked(whether it is up or down identified by their classes – moveuplink and movedownlink respectively) – the rows are dynamically updated in the table DOM hierarchy.

And as before, upon clicking of these buttons the information is again sent back to the backend, where the same can be updated in the Database.

I'm trying to get a standard password / repeat passord validation to work in a Flash form.

I assume I need to use javascript validation but do I use it with the on Validate function of the fields in question or do I use the on Submit of the form?

That’s all what is needed to get the table rows sorted either by drag and drop or by clicking specific buttons.

PS: While working with this, you might observe a wierd issue while dragging a table row.

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