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On the dates, they flash money around, having never really had it before.

One software engineer visiting from the Bay Area was in town for a training session at Amazon before he made the move.

The majority of the guys who are moving here for companies like Amazon seem to be their late 20s or early 30s, and they are new and exploring the city.

The gender disparity is bad enough in San Francisco that one company, The Dating Ring, has resorted to flying women into San Fran from other cities. You might think an abundance of men is a great thing, but as a wise woman once said, “The odds may be good, but the goods are odd.” “I’ve lived in Seattle for seven years, single most of them,” Annie Pardo, a 31-year-old freelance event and communications consultant in Seattle, wrote in an email.

“The only thing that has changed is the increase in men I’d never want to go out on a date with.” She added, “Can’t believe they actually strap on those new employee book bags.” For Reifman, the number of men versus women presents a challenge for guys like him—he can’t seem to get a date or hold the attention of the women he’s courting because, presumably, he’s got so much competition. My brain is very abstract, though, the exact opposite of so many men in tech who have very concrete/literal brains. I constantly felt like I wasn’t seen or valued by them, even though I experienced a lot of them as having a very limited view of the world.” Carla Swiryn, a matchmatcher for Three Day Rule, a start-up that offers curated online dating services in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, said that her female clients are often hit with a double whammy: “I often hear women say they either date A-holes or nerds—or if they’re really lucky, both in one,” she said.

They spent their time doing things other than making Jeff Bezos more money.

The problem has become pervasive enough in Seattle that when I went with a few girlfriends to Pony, one of the last true gay bars on Capitol Hill, I was shocked when I found out that the adorable pair of 25-year-old boys talking to us were heterosexual.

It felt more like a job interview, but not the way a date is supposed to be a job interview.

There was no grilling about where you were from and what your family was like and what you were looking for.The restaurant was about to close and we had to go elsewhere or part ways.Even though I was bored, I wasn’t ready to go home, and I wanted to get a second drink. He was good-looking enough, but I wasn’t going to be able to get it up for a boring tech dude.No, I spent a half hour or more listening to him talk about his job.Since I am not in the tech industry, I don’t understand any of it. He was trim, tall, bearded (as they all seem to be), a recent transplant, having only lived in Seattle for a year or so and worked at a start-up, after burning out at Amazon (as they all seem to have).He rode his bike around town; he had good taste in food and wine; and he lived across the street from where we were meeting.They were there because—as one of them told us—”It was the only place on the Hill on the weekends where there are no bros.” After I posted inquiries on Twitter, I was besieged by women with similar stories of entitlement and dullness in the men of San Francisco and [email protected] wrote: “I honestly am thankful every single day that I’m no longer single. But they think they’re 11s and spew that entitlement wherever they go.” Even men had something (nasty) to say: Wrote one guy to my request, that I “want to hear about your dating life how the men in the tech industry have changed it”: “I think you accidentally said ‘changed,’ but what you meant was ‘ruined forever with their awfulness.’” Why were they so awful?And my city, Seattle, like San Francisco is lousy with them.Amazon, which is located less than a mile from my house, has had a huge, awful impact on Seattle’s dating scene.

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