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"Making you all reserved and stuff.""Those crazy Brits are paying our salary, remember? She insisted on doing her share of house cleaning, as she usually did that duty for Lori back in New York."So, what is your CHIEF doing? ""Hmm, after I stole the bowl from you," she laughed, flicking dust at him from the feather duster."Penfold, where is my tea? "I got yer cleaning right enough," Penfold announced, holding up the bag. "Was Lori's assistant what made them.""It is rather nice to have them around, isn't it?" the female hamster wondered."I'm picking up the cleaning, like," Penfold laughed. " said Dangermouse absently as he sipped his tea."DM," Penfold said as he held up the bag."Oh just pop that into the bedroom that's a good lad," Dangermouse said as Penfold coughed. " Dangermouse asked, pretending to be stern."I was wondering, if I might ask you some…I read this article where you said that you felt you were drawn to a sort of “sadder side” of music, a “darker side.” When I was growing up, certain kinds of music caught my ear.

So when you say that you are drawn to sadder or darker music, what do you really mean?

DANGER MOUSE: Well, part of it does have to do with things like chord structure and movements.

(Burton had never received permission from either the Beatles or Jay-Z to use their music.) The project, though, did prove valuable in other ways: Despite Burton’s almost patent inscrutability—a character named “Dr.

President” appears in many photographs taken of him, and he has a long—standing propensity for dressing up like a giant mouse—he has very quickly become one of the industry’s most in-demand producers.

"I had thought…""My dear Penfold, there is nothing WRONG in your asking such things. makes a social life difficult," Penfold squeaked, very embarrassed."She is rather a nice girl, and I'm certain that M6 wouldn't mind.""I um… And you're quite good when it comes to sweets, Good Grief you practically have memorized the candy department at the local chemists.

I mean you ARE entitled to go out once in a while," Dangermouse laughed, standing up and patting his friend on the shoulder. and you already know that you two clean well together… ""I would love to go, out with you," she said with a smile."Crikey, thank goodness for that," Penfold breathed a sigh of relief."What time and where? She said she needed it ready, and a few sequins fell off it.

” over these Danger Mouse graphic tees from Nerd Kung Fu.

Featuring DM, his trusty sidekick Penfold, and all the old school animated action of the classic Danger Mouse series printed in full-color retro graphics on 100% cotton.

" asked Dangermouse, still nibbling on the rest of his brownie. "And you had tickets for the concert.""That I do, in a private box," Dangermouse said. and no I can't stop by to tuck you in before I get back.""That's not what I mean DM," Penfold puffed out the breath he was holding. "You know there's very little that gets past me.""Well, it's about M6, and not about M6," he trailed off. "Knowing that wasn't' what Penfold was asking, but still humoring his shy assistant, Dangermouse said, "Well Agent 57 had been asking if I knew any possible eligible girls, and there was also Agent 98.""Go on, she won't know what 57 looks like! While he had told Penfold many secrets of his past life, even letting details about Fifi slip, he was reserved when it came to delicate things like a first crush, or a first date.

Bagel did give Penfold a run for his money in the desserts department, he had to admit."I was wondering, if you weren't busy. " Penfold laughed."Well, she did say she wasn't opposed to what the Americans called blind dates… um…""My dear Penfold, are you asking if she has a date? It was just the air of British reserve he was used to maintaining."Let me just say this, Penfold," he cleared his throat as he sat down again, and Penfold perched on the nearby stool with interest."I have had my share of experiences in dating, and it becomes easier with time.

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