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Hutschenreuther marks dating

For now, I’m going to assume c.1970 unless I learn otherwise. Community help posts follow certain formatting guidelines, which may impact the look of your post.

The Chinese manufacturers wouldn't pass on their recipe for the production of porcelain to the west and so it became very coveted, representing great wealth and refinement in Europe.

All production in Saxony became destined for the Eastern Block market until about the late fifties when there was an urgent need for foreign currency.

Rosenthal was returned to family ownership in 1950, and following the fall of the iron curtain in 1992 the factories became free market enterprises and flourish today.

The two world wars and Communism had a dramatic effect on the factories.

Raw materials and trade were disrupted, the Jewish owned businesses were taken over and after 1945 Eastern Germany came under Russian control.

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    Thank you, ccmom. The reference above is sound for 1970, but it still does not show the two dots. However, I did follow the link to a site in Germany showing marks.…