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This unfortunately is all one big lie and a massive scam.

They're not asking for your credit card to verify your age.

Normal dating sites enable you to create a free membership so you can log into the members area so you can see the features and get a feel for what you would pay for if you wanted to upgrade.

And the last website you get billed to is All Holes which automatically bills your credit card $49.95 per month.

These are recurring charges that add up to $119.85 on a monthly basis until you figure out you been conned and cancel the credit card charges.

Until a few years ago I never would have considered the attendance of the nudist beach, then it just happened.

I had many prejudices, which initially have gradually tapering like ice in a glass of water.

They want your credit card information but give you no value whatsoever.

It's a massive criminal operation that can easily make tens of thousands of dollars per pay for these cyber criminals.

(Screen shot of the "age verification scam.") (Screenshot of the fine print showing the charges you receive on your credit card statement.) Below you can see the evidence we are providing, a screenshot with fictitious profile pictures are circled in red.

Using sophisticated reverse image software that we have we are able to identify fake profile photos and the exact locations they are found on other websites.

It may appear to be a dating site but all the evidence backs up it being a massive fraud.

Any dating site that asks for your credit card information to verify over 18 is always a con. If you gave Bang your credit card information and you are billed we suggest you contact your bank so you can reverse the charges and get your money back.

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