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Intimidating tennis sayings

Stop focusing on your inabilities or lack of talent.

Stop focusing on all of the physical features that you think people won’t like about you.

I want authenticity where many find it hard to be authentic with themselves.

You’ll be amazed at what this does for them and for you.” ― Dan Pearce, “Maybe friendship can't begin until someone chooses you. that doesn't mean you don't get to make a choice too. And they can't choose you...until they know who you are.” ― Miyoshi Toumori, tags: amit-kalantri, amit-kalantri-quotes, bank-balance, bold, boldness, courageous, friend, friends, friendship, human, humans, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational-quotes, making-friends, money, motivation, motivational, motivational-quotes, philosophy, rich-people, two-kinds, two-of-people, two-types, winning-friends, wisdom, wisdom-quotes “Friendships unfold gradually as women share intimacies with one another- this takes time. I’m not afraid that that person will hurt me intentionally. That person is someone I want to celebrate with when things are great.

You need to be willing to let your friends know the real you, but you don't want to spill your guts out the first time you're out to lunch.” ― Irene S. I’ve let go of expecting people to behave a certain way or to treat me a certain way.

We become more dependent on less people and are devastated when those people don’t reciprocate by valuing our friendship with the same mindfulness.

Finding more people to connect with seems beyond our control because we automatically put everyone in the Them column and wait for people to work their way into the Us column.

If you want good things to happen to you, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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live your dream if you wait aimlessly for a magical moment of luck.Unfortunately feeling special doesn’t outweigh the significant downside.There will always be more Them than Us There has to be.Levine “My friendships have stopped being so exclusive and the guidelines have simplified. However, I feel I’m more idealistic about my relationships than I’ve ever been.Does knowing me help someone I know become a better person? I want the most difficult thing you can ask a person and that is for them to be themselves, the good and the bad.he clearly didn’t wait for things to happen to him.So what’s the takeaway da Vinvi’s inspirational words?The problem is no one wants to have to prove themselves in order to become friends.We end up waiting and waiting.” ― Corin “Stop wearing that mask that is trying to be a match for everybody, and realise that you have to have more of a 1s and 10s model.Otherwise, the exclusively club of Us wouldn’t be exclusive.So to maintain the exclusivity, we make more rules in our head to keep others out.

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