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If you are tired of the frustration and disappointment of dating, are ready to find the right partner, and yet don’t want to settle for just anyone, you have come to the right place!

Once a young widow, he used his own coaching techniques to manifest true love not just once – but twice in his life (against popular opinion) , and enjoys sharing his philosophies and techniques with others so that they too, may manifest love.

On Richard and Jennifer Yaker’s first date, Jen got a bit nervous and started to ramble on.

During this time I had attempted to date, and when it didn’t go well I had stopped, planning on waiting till it felt more right.

I had long ago decided Internet dating wouldn’t work for me, so I had taken myself off all other Internet dating sites, and left my profile on this free dating site just as a message to the Universe that I thought I was ready and only went on it when I wanted to play and look at profiles. I decided to browse the dating site as my entertainment for the evening. I’d browse the site until I came upon a girl that was attractive and send her an email. But truthfully I knew I wasn’t inspired most of the times when I’d email a cute girl, by what I’d write and then their lack of response validated that it wasn’t right. When I saw Jen’s picture and checked out her profile I knew just what to write.

No matter what you’re current situation is, whether you are dating or not, no matter how many times you feel you have tried and failed to attract love into your life, we are confident that there is someone out there that is just perfect for you, who is also looking for you even as we speak, and we’d love to provide you with the tools, roadmap, and support to find them and create a conscious partnership with them as soon as possible.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker, and I am a best-selling author and relationship and Los Angeles dating coach.

I do not tell puns, I don’t really find them funny, but was inspired to start our first phone conversation with a pun based on my name and one of our early email conversations.

Surprise, surprise (NOT) this turned out to be the perfect thing to say.

How did I go from being a single, broke, miserable, hot mess of anxiety in relationships to co-creating an awesome relationship and having a flourishing and successful business? I LOVE getting emails from people telling me they have met the love of their lives, and even better, that they are getting married! He was one of the original “Silicon Valley” programmers and is also a law of attraction and love coach – and a darn good one at that.

In fact, Rich has taught me much of what I know about the Law of Attraction.

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