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It's a very low-tech solution, which is a surprise for this show.One good thing about this is we get to see Picard's lighter side as he reminisces about building a ship in a bottle as a boy.

confirmed another big fan theory this week โ€“ that Captain Gabriel Lorca is in fact from the Mirror Universe.

Michael Burnham made the connection in 'Vaulting Ambition', realising that a lot of the traits โ€“ notably sensitivity to light โ€“ applied to him.

Oh, how wrong he was..., the legendary actor said "My agent in Hollywood...

he assured me, 'Don't worry, this thing isn't going to work.

Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall & The Larry Saners Show) plays the ambassador in a hilarious performance.

We also meet a crew member on the ship who isn't killed after speaking 2 lines, and he has a personality. This one is more about laughs and singing and Seven of Nine's feelings, showing she does have a heart beneath the catsuit and Borg Impants.

We also see a holoimage of two of Species 8472 in a courting ritual, although no explanation is given as to how this was acquired; it is possible it was acquired during the events of VOY: "In the Flesh".

See more ยป When Seven of Nine is singing the vocal exercise with the Doctor, the display screen shows a "simple melody".

The Doctor and Tom Paris make a bet about her potential, with the Doctor coaching her on.

A Sub-plot involves an ambassador from a bland culture visiting the ship and Neelix in charge of his well-being.

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