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Dating levi jacket

After launching the Type One, a simple one-pocket, cinch back model, Levi’s decided to lose the cinch back and add on a second chest pocket a few decades later, thus creating the Type Two.

Further tweaks on this style led to -- you guessed it -- the Type Three in 1962.

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It said that you have to look at the last 2 numbers on the back of the tag and that was the date. You can follow the link below and it takes you to the page of the investigation. The 2 numbers above the long row of numbers means something too, probably the month but usually we can’t see that part of the tag unless we take a seam out.

Now take this for what its worth, but this is what they said, I’m not making it up!

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The Type Three would become the most iconic of all Levi’s denim jackets, with triangular pointed pocket flaps running down each side as an informal signature.

Originally, Levi’s only made the jacket out of rigid raw denim, which allowed for you to truly "make it your own" as the jacket broke in and faded with each wear.We will start our story of the Wrangler History in the 1940’s when the Wrangler Product Line was first introduced. It is interesting to note that the Wrangler label or the back of the jeans has never been produced in leather. It was in 1947 that the employees of Blue Bell voted to name the new line of denim wear WRANGLER.These Americana aficionados from overseas were the first to notice that truckers were actually wearing in the Type Threes the best because they were putting their jackets through hell out on the road, and they actually come out looking better for it.Today, that spirit continues, as the rough-and-tumble personalization of a Type Three is as elemental as the design itself.These jeans had a “Blue Bell” label sewn on the back of the zipper fly with the sizing and the world “Sanforized”.In 1948, Rodeo Ben, a famous rodeo personality and Hollywood Designer was commissioned by Blue Bell to design the new Wrangler Product Line.The Wrangler label was first made in pressed card and then in plastic for a simple reason.The Wrangler jeans were designed for cowboys and when the leather label and leather saddle came into contact they would stick together.It wasn’t long before the image of a well-worn Type Three was placed right up there with apple pie and John Wayne as something that just oozed Americana.However, it took a group of Japanese collectors, armed with an obsessive approach to American style, to transform the Type Three into a legend when they came up with the jacket’s common moniker: the Trucker.

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    Levi's jackets from the 1940s and earlier have a front pleat on either side of the center buttons. You may not find a red tab at all on these early jackets, but the pleating will help date the garment. Step 4. Count the number of pockets. Jackets from the 1940s only have one pocket, and it's on the breast. Newer Levi's jackets.…


    Oct 5, 2011. After I picked up my first Levi's jacket I started researching how to date it. Over the years minor modifications have been made to the design that allow you to easily decipher between one decade of production to another. When first examining your jacket check out the tag. The first red LEVI'S tag was.…

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    Big E Levi's Jacket Type 3 Chest measures 38 No tag In great condition for age It has almost no fading, which is unusual. It's still the dark blue it was. type 3 trucker jacket. I can't exactly date the jacket, since the leather patch on the back is missing, but from what I've seen I think it might be a 1968-69 with the black stit.…