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For instance, when the news came out about Olivia sleeping with Fitz, we [the gladiators] had to have this whole conversation about who knew what when. I keep my scripts very close at hand because sometimes I’ll be shooting a scene and I won’t remember when I last saw some character or what my point of view on something was two episodes ago.

It’s so refreshing.”As Abby, Darby butts heads with Kerry Washington‘s character, Olivia Pope, who tries to mediate and fix issues within the world of D. This means they get to share some fun scenes together.“Kerry is a gem to work with,” Darby said of her co-star.

I actually didn't hear that." Foley, 42, informed his colleague what Washington said. And she broke the silence and said, 'Why don't you bring some of that home?! "Later in the episode, De Generes asked the cast what it's like working with her wife, Portia De Rossi."Portia is a power player in Washington and we work together," Perry, 59, said of her character. "She is the perfect addition to our family," the actress said. "She has a really good wife." Darby Stanchfield has "a crush" on the actress. "At the first table reading, I introduced myself because I'm a big fan. ' 'I don't know.' But she was so calm about it," the actor, 48, recalled. You don't know anything and that's OK with you.'" Secret Showdown" trivia game.

Goldwyn recovered his ears, saying, "Blah, blah, blah."Washington clarified her comments, saying, "I love my job and I like that I get to work with such talented, extraordinary guys but it's awkward." Foley decided to stop teasing her, saying, "She's a newlywed. She has to say that." Washington smiled and said, "That's true.""How does your husband feel when you do that? Then, opening up the question to the group, the host asked, "Your wives are cool with it? De Generes then asked every to "say something about Portia.""She's so pretty. We sat down and I said what do you play on the show? The nine actors (and a surprise guest) were divided into two teams: The White House (Foley, Goldwyn, Perry and Bellamy Young) vs.

“Michelle Paradise is lovely,” Darby said of the show’s creator and star.

“I think she is such a wonderfully unique individual, I love her storytelling. ” There’s a little bit of a bitch in Darby’s character, too, but mostly she just speaks her mind.“I think lesbians will like that I’m a very outspoken, strong woman [on the show],” she said. If there is a pink elephant floating in the room, I am the first and probably only one to say ‘Guys, there’s a pink elephant.’ And a couple of other people in the office will be like ‘Abby, Abby stop!

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