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Our dating experts all suggest the same approach to dating at any age: Relax (or at least appear to be unaware of the incessant, pounding tick-tock of your internal clocks) and your charms will shine through. (The first dates that can make the rest of us so nervous?

A 25-year-old will casually call them "hanging out.") Of course, 20-somethings have good reason to be relaxed about love.

Men love older sexy women because they are just like wine. I want to be able to enjoy my food without being guilty.

They have mastered the art of getting dressed up and the art of stripping their clothes off. Women in their forties are not old, they are just in their prime (have you seen Jennifer Aniston lately? A long, long time ago, women in their forties have resigned themselves to staying home and waiting for the grand kids to pop out, but not anymore. Before older men pry on young women and set aside women who are more mature, but now they are like the prime cuts of steak; everybody just wants a piece of them. Here are the reasons why women in their 40s are just so irresistible. I want to be able to go to a restaurant and know what I want.

We've compiled great ways to meet others and fabulous ideas for first dates. It may prompt you to send us angry missives about ageism.

And we've got only one rule: Stop looking at dating as a game or chore, and approach it with optimism and confidence. But here goes: The rest of us could learn a thing or two from the dating habits of 20-somethings.

A woman who is divorced at 45 has a slim chance of finding another husband because a 45-year-old-man, can and likely will be dating a 35- or 25-year-old-woman.

But for guys who are facing a new life of dating post divorce – the options are many, and the joys are plentiful.

In later years, the gender gap becomes even wider as men tend to die earlier than women..

The other factor that many men forget about is that many of the guys they used to compete with, are now out of the game. Some have just given up on relationships after being burned a couple of times. Finally the biggest factor that an older man has in his favor is that he can now date easily 20 years below him and few people think there is anything wrong with it.

In the calculus of relationships, people figure out their own worth, and then effectively try to engage with someone of equivalent or better value.

This works quite well for the procreation of the species.

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