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After 1919 Laske worked mainly with oils and watercolours.His art was frequently included in major exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy and England.

These artists have produced some of the finest original graphic works of art from the early 19th century to the late twentieth century.

If you wish to view the entire list on this page and access this information, please go to the Artist's Index).

In 1849 they had become Baxter's principal licensees (Baxter had taken out patents on his invention and charged a fee to those who used it).

However, by the mid 1850's the brothers had become Baxter's chief rivals.

View larger image and more information for 'Winnowing Buckwheat' by Frederic Auguste Laguillermie Frederic Auguste Laguillermie (Paris 1841 - 1934): A nineteenth century French painter, illustrator and etcher, Frederic-Auguste Laguillermie studied in Paris under Leopold Flameng and Bourguereau.

He first exhibited his art at the Paris Salon in 1863 and received many awards and honours during the following years.The European Part of the Russian Empire, from the Maps Published by the Imperial Academy of St.Petersburg, with the New Provinces on the Black Sea: The Asiatic Part of the Russian Empire, with the New Discoveries of Captain Cook, Etc.In 1866 Laguillermie was awarded the coveted Prix de Rome which enabled him to further his studies in Madrid, Rome and Athens.He was appointed Chevalier of the Legion d'honneur in 1882 and a full member of that institution several years later.Generally, Secessionism was founded as a revolt against the academic standards of the day.Other leading artists within the movement were Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Alfred Kubin and Egon Schiele.The best known followers of Baxter are the Le Blond Brothers.In 1840 they established the engraving and printing firm of 'Le Blond & Company' in Walbrook, London.As an etcher Laguillermie was equally well known for his original designs and for his interpretive etchings after the art of Delacroix, Hebert, Gainsborough and many contemporary French painters.View larger image, more information and other original works of art by Oskar Laske Oskar Laske (Czernowitz, 1874 - Vienna, 1951): In the first two decades of the twentieth century Oskar Laske was a leading etcher and painter in the influential Austrian modernist movement known as Secessionism.

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