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Stress and dating

Notice that he is going back and forth between you and her.

The more you assume less and ask more, the better your dating life will be.

You will find that assuming less, and asking more lets you date with more ease.

You share common interests, similar relationship experiences and have fun together, making you think that you’re meant to be together.

You’re thinking that if things continue to go well, you will both be in an exclusive relationship (assumption).

In the meantime, while he enjoys being with you, he wants to continue seeing you and also date other women.

While you’re assuming things are heading towards a commitment, he’s figuring out how to tell you about seeing other people.You will start to hear from him and see him less because he’s got one foot out the door.If you find yourself in this situation, notice how you feel inside.In this situation, it’s important to pay attention to his behaviors and actions.If he’s thinking about seeing other women, he will become more distant.” Then see what response comes up that feels real to you.The real reason will have something to do with you.Eventually, logging on to Ok Cupid via my laptop turned into downloading the app. My mother and I calculated and realized that I’d gone on something like 70 first dates in 2015.I was double-booking myself, and if the date I was on was a dud, I’d sneak into the bathroom to swipe to find something to line up for after.What he’s told you probably makes it seem more her fault, causing you to feel empathetic towards him.(Remember, there are three sides to a story – his, hers and the truth.) If he says and does things that lead you to believe things are different with you and him, you may think he will eventually leave her to be with you (assumption).

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