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Problem with online dating

Importantly, the demographic makeup of the people who are most likely to meet their spouses online is the same as the people most likely to vote, contact their congressmen, and be members of the interest groups that influence Washington lawmaking (upper income college graduates).

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The Internet also allows people to be pickier about who qualifies as “acceptable” before they ever have the chance to meet.In a message, he asked me for my number, and the rest, as they say, is history.That was over a decade ago; the only thing my husband could find about me on the Internet back then was that address.We’ve learned that there is a strong transfer from parents to children.In other words, you are more likely to be a Republican if both of your parents are.Had we been able to choose our mates based on predefined criteria, we probably would have never gone on that first date.And the thing is, the increased ability to sort out potential mates according to predefined preferences may also be making the United States more politically polarized.Sometimes, one of them might even change their party identification to match the other’s preferences. Kent Jennings, the “gender gap”—the term used to describe the fact that women are far more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate and to identify as liberals than men are—is drastically smaller for people in long-term relationships where the partners shared different partisan and ideological positions when they met than among non-married individuals.And even if they don’t change their positions, when people are exposed to divergent political viewpoints from people they spend time with, they tend to be far more tolerant of opposing views.People who use dating sites are choosing matches based on criteria that are highly correlated with political preferences, and social scientists fear that will go a long way toward making us less tolerant citizens. When I met my husband, I asked him for his number, but never called.Frustrated, he Googled me and found a directory in which my email address was listed.

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