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The elimination of wolves from Yellowstone National Park had profound impacts on the trophic pyramid.Without predation, herbivores began to over-graze many woody browse species, affecting the area's plant populations.Predation is often, though not always, carnivory, one of several heterotrophic consumer-resource interactions.

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Herbivore-plant interactions, as with predator-prey interactions, have driven plants to evolve defences such as thorns and chemicals to dissuade grazing.Another manner in which predation and competition are connected is throughout intraguild predation.Intraguild predators are those that kill and eat other predators of different species at the same trophic level, and thus that are potential competitors.When prey have a clumped (uneven) distribution, the optimal strategy for the predator is to be more specialized as the prey are more conspicuous and can be found more quickly.Predators are often another organism's prey, and likewise prey are often predators.Coevolutionary selective pressures imposed on each other by predator and prey often result in an evolutionary arms race, resulting in antipredator adaptations in the prey and adaptations that improve hunting efficiency in the predator. Two factors are considered here: how close the predator and prey (or host) are, and whether the prey is directly killed by the predator, where true predation and parasitoidism involve certain death.A true predator is one that kills and eats another living thing.Predators may hunt actively for prey in pursuit predation, or sit and wait for prey to approach within striking distance in ambush predation.Grazing animals generally do not kill their prey, but like predators, they live by feeding on other organisms.Equally, small parasites such as mosquitoes exploit their hosts much as micropredators such as moth caterpillars on an oak tree and grazers do, though endoparasites in particular have a close association with their host species; again there is essentially a continuum between these feeding interactions.Parasitoids are organisms living in or on their host and feeding directly upon it, eventually leading to its death.

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