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Dating galway

Dating in Galway doesn’t have to be a sit down and dinner type of affair.

Take advantage of having access to the beauty of Connemara National Park.

Galway Atlantaquari They say that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, why not spend a date seeing that truth with your own eyes?

Galway is one of the most visited places in Ireland by singles and couples thanks to its vibrant cultural scene, and medieval heritage.Galway City Karting What better way to get the adrenaline going then racing one another around an indoor track?Enjoy the competition and let the winner buy the other a drink afterwards. Connemara National Park We have to thank @Wonderful IRL for this addition to our best first dates in Galway list.You and your partner can discover a few historic collections about the city medieval heritage as well as from some of the most iconic Irish contemporary artists!Head to Druid’s Lane Theatre or Nun’s Island Theatre to enjoy an Irish-language play.It promises entertainment for those who already have a partner and want to celebrate love by visiting the most romantic spots in the city, and those searching for a new romantic story. Next, we propose some plans for two to fall in love in and with the middle-ages influenced city of Galway!There are many places to get lost with your partner in Galway.In their relaxed environment, you can get to know your date over rustic food that’s sure to please the palette.You can choose from the cafe, restaurant, and wine bar to select the perfect environment suited to your tastes.The yearly Tulca Festival of Visual Arts is a very popular option amongst Galwegian singles as you can enjoy performances, exhibitions and screenings for free!If you seek a cultural date, a visit to The Galway City Museum is a must!

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