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You can see the superpower in action in a striking image of Jacob on the beach dragging along Emma by a rope, who is clearly floating high in the sky.

Tim Burton has also mentioned Emma’s flotation ability in his blurb about working on the project, saying: “When I was first approached to direct Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children I was given a summary of the novel with all of the photos in the book.

And in a world where It may be helmed by celebrated director Zhang Yimou and the rest of the cast may be mostly filled out by Asian actors, but that didn't stop Matt Damon from playing the hero who defends all of China from dragons.

I’m assuming that the reason for the switch is that levitation is a very visual and cinematic superpower to have.

While fire-control is cinematic as well, I feel like we see fire on screen in films quite a lot, and the protagonist pulling his love interest along with a rope is not something you see in movies everyday.

Some of these castings can be put down to out-dated ideas about race, but by 2013 people were asking whether Johnny Depp was really the wisest casting for Tonto.

Despite the actor's vague claims to Native American ancestry, audiences were apparently not convinced – one among many reasons became somewhat less loved when audiences noticed that Indian-American engineer Ben Jabituya (Ben Jahveri in the sequel) was played by "thin, white Jewish kid from Chicago" Fisher Stevens.

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