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Devil angels and dating

When these bad thoughts occur, and we are tempted to give in to them, we should always say a “Hail Mary” or the “St. They are continually exposing themselves more and more to these things in search of the original high, which never comes again, but instead, always diminishes.

So many people have fallen for this trap, because they either don’t know or don’t care that The devil can also divide us.

How many husbands and wives have gotten divorced after they took a vow before God to “love, honor, and obey till death do us part? This is because the devil gets into the marriage and divides and conquers by suggesting that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!

After all, God is loving and forgiving, and confession is just such a bother.

If the devil can lead us away from the sacraments, he has gained a giant foothold on us, because the sacraments dispense sanctifying grace, which is a share in divine life.

This is by design, so that we will want their company even more.

An opportunity to get what we always wanted out of this life, whether it be free sex, getting rich quick, getting even with someone, etc., will usually be presented to us as the hook.A lot of people wonder why they are being attacked by Satan when they are such good Christians, and the no-goodnick across the street never seems to be bothered by these things. Satan knows that the no-goodnick, unless he repents later on, is already hell-bound, so why should he spend one second of his time on him?The devil knows that his own time is short, so he realizes he must go after the people who are slipping away from his grasp, namely, the good Christians who are following Christ’s teachings to the best of their ability.Usually, he won’t do this when we are at our strongest, but rather, he will wait for a weak time in our lives, like a death in the family, a divorce, money problems, etc., to spring his trap.Like the old series, he will set up a false reality to make us say and do things that we wouldn’t ordinarily say or do.These totally out-of-the-blue thoughts to kill someone, to eat like there’s no tomorrow, to get drunk, to commit fornication, to cheat on a hard test, to say something evil about someone, etc., can come from ourselves, of course, but they can also come from the demons that are assigned to us.Usually a demon will latch on to one or more of our moral weaknesses and intensify it.He can do this to us by suggesting to us that the Eucharist is just symbolic, rather than the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ, so why go to Mass anyway?He whispers to us that our sins aren’t so bad, and who needs to go tell their sins to a priest in the confessional?Slowly the thought will creep in: you are such a great person for being so generous. We don’t call abortion killing a baby; we call it “choice” or “terminating a pregnancy.” We don’t condemn sodomy as being a biblical evil; rather we approve of it by calling it being “gay.” We don’t call embryonic stem cell research ghastly experimentation on the unborn; we call it modern scientific research to help the handicapped (to date, this research has produced zero benefits).We don’t call assisted suicide killing the terminally ill; instead we call it the soothing “right to die.” We don’t call pornography evil; rather, it is said that it is a healthy natural form of “free-speech.” And after all of the new nice-sounding names have been applied to evil things, then the devil will bombard us with nice-looking people on TV who say that it’s all just so wonderful and okay and if you disagree with them on this, then you are some kind of unenlightened medieval bigot (name-calling is a sure sign that they are immature and don’t have a decent argument) who is “on the wrong side of history,” whatever that means.

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