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"For my birthday, I received a big box wrapped with ribbon and in it was my gold shirt.

On the back, Clooney had drawn a picture in black marker of a giant penis, and he’d had everyone who participated in a charity golf tournament for prostate cancer in Las Vegas sign it, too," revealed the Brooklyn native. Wedding Day Blues Clooney's friends aren't the only ones to become victims of his pranking.

But it turns out the Oscar winner underestimated the comediennes intelligence.The "ER" star had a field day with the paparazzi when they got word he was hosting the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie."Once the story started, all these people started showing up – and I mean hundreds and hundreds of press people outside the house," said the actor."I found out from the pilots and the stewardess they were drinking water." 4. The M&M mishap wasn't the only time Clooney went after longtime friend Weintraub!The "Ocean's Twelve" producer shared how the 52-year-old once stole his expensive gold silk shirt because he hated it so much!Drunken Disaster On a flight to LA, Clooney & Pitt challenged friend and producer Jerry Weintraub to a drinking contest.But the catch..handsome duo switched out their booze for water!Masterpiece Maestro One of the celeb's more elaborate pranks involved his good buddy Richard Kind."I remember finding a painting that someone had thrown away...I've got art class." "Then on his 40th birthday," the star explained, "I said, 'My art teacher's really proud of me but this [painting] is the first one we're both really proud of...I want you to have it.' It hung over his couch for another two years and everyone knew except for him." 3.

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