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If you don’t care about hookers you might want to skip to the end or just check out our meeting single girls in Cebu City post instead.

For years the standard advice to pick up freelance prostitutes in Cebu City was head to Ayala Mall during the early evening for a limited scene and then Mango Square at night.

It was one of the best places to find the hottest prostitutes in Cebu City and still probably is, you just need to hop in a taxi and ask him to take you to Oqtagon.

That is the new name and hopefully he is up on the scene, if not you can find a map here.

The entry fee is 300 pesos and it has the same drink and food menu as before.

Reportedly Mango Square doesn’t have near as many hookers around the courtyard now.

There aren’t too many bars to choose from here either, some of the most popular bikini bars in Cebu City would be Erik The Red, Planet X and Viking.

There are also some more local style girly bars down on Colon where there are rumors of girls giving handjobs or blowjobs in the VIP area if you buy a ladies drink.It reopened and is now called Oqtagon but changed locations to Mandaue near SM Cebu City not too far away.This pick up bar is frequented by the Korean students living here learning English, plus prostitutes.If you see a cute girl you like you can buy her a ladies drink to sit with you, or pay her barfine to allow her to go home with you.The prices can vary from bar to bar but the ladies drinks are often between 150-250 pesos and the barfines can be anywhere from 250-400.The main place to find the hottest freelance prostitutes has been J-Ave disco in Mango Square for the longest time.Well it has been torn down and moved locations, this Cebu City sex guide is in a bit of turmoil at the moment.You can pretty much strike it off your list if mongering was your goal.They have moved back to Ayala Mall, particularly roaming the terraces on the upper floors.The good news is that the main things that make this city so great are still fully in tact.The Filipina dating sites haven’t gone anywhere and meeting girls on them is still very easy.

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