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Obviously most of those end up in porn, but what the hey, they still look good. There’s this brilliant scene in Californication where David’s Duchovny’s whinging novelist is locked in jail on a DUI charge, busy lamenting ever leaving his beloved New York. I’ve always tried to be compassionate, so no, I was not sucked in with all the other ‘little birdies’. You’re a terrible prejudiced stereotype.” “You racist! A journalist who’s traveled, 6’3”, amazing body (I’ve seen pictures ok? Why does a guy that age go out with a woman in her thirties? I gabbled away about places I’d lived and jobs I’d done, feeling his eyes on me and trying to put him off with obvious evidence of our age difference. And when you’re settled, you can still be spontaneous and fun, even if you have to remind yourself to be.

Recent events being I was asked out by a friend and it scared me. Then there was another someone I liked in a way that made all the previous wondering and questioning and perusing fall into sharp relief. Anyway, if one wants an actual relationship, it’s true that it’s kind of a sticky trap to wait to tell a guy when you’re already in his bed and he’s just thinking about the fun stuff. Sadly this was not the guy I went out with last night. Sweet and shaking with nerves, he seemed like he wanted to run from the moment I sat down.

Not fair on the guy and stupid if you’re the one wanting monogamy. I applaud him for making it through a whole hour in fact.

But then, do you really want to bring that up over the breadsticks? I had to restrain myself from patting him on the arm reassuringly.

But not laying out your terms, your rules of engagement, can badly bite a person on the arse at this ‘free love’ point in history. You can have 0.” Him: “It was 1.” Me: “It’ll cost her 0 to ship her case back home because of you. 0 and that’s it.” Him: “Give me the cash” Me: “Give me the case first.” Him: “Cash first.” Me: “Why would I hand over the cash without the case, when you know where I live and you can just drive away? I used to work in real estate development and I loved facing down those stupid liberals with their facial hair, holding their signs to save their rare trees or their stupid insects in the rain forest or whatever. Recently my brother asked me why I suddenly showed interest in a guy I’d previously thrown on the ‘nice guy’ pile. And in women, steely resolve and high standards might be the thin paper over some serious fear.

If you really know what you want, you should probably be brave and put it out there in the beginning. ” Him: “Why would I give you the case, without the cash? AJ stood by the trunk and I handed over the cash but didn’t let go until AJ got hold of the suitcase handle. I gave it some thought, then finally traced the moment my interest flared. Or she could be someone who reels a guy in, only to move onto the next ego boost.

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