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Which do you prefer: BJ's Wholesale Club, Costco Wholesale or Sam's Club? Keep in mind that BJ's does allow you to use manufacturer's coupons, while the other 2 stores do not.Please help out one of our readers who is wondering which warehouse membership club is best and share why you prefer one over the other. We had a membership to Costco when it first opened in the area - we went 3 times in a year ( the hours the place was open did not mesh with our schedules ). For an article comparing Sam's Club and Costco pros and cons, click here.

The attendant at the gas station has a generic gas card that you can use!

You still need to pay with an approved method, like a debit card (no cash! The attendant may ask you for your name and log it to prevent abuse so if you're not a member, I wouldn't recommend pretending to be one to get cheap gas. It has the industry certification of Top Tier and Consumer Reports has written that the detergents and additives within Top Tier gas makes a difference.

It's a nice juicy credit card promotion to get your day going!

If you already have this card, you'll need to activate it by going to the Activate 5% Cash Back page. If the answer is “more than $2,750” then you need to be an Executive Member. We spend over $6,000 a year at Costco so we always end up getting a check!

Wait for the Instant Savings to activate, then return to the Membership Desk to ask for the adjustment.

If you want to buy something at Costco without paying the membership, get a member to get you a Costco Cash Card.The special section in most Costcos will be in the hardline items, near automotive and household goods. though surprisingly that's next to the bread, which is not hard.🙂Go find the shelf in your Costco and see if you can find any gems!The stuff that rotates and whose discovery gets you excited. A few years ago, Costco started realizing that they could devote a small section of the warehouse to shelves “saleable” items rather than sending them back to the vendor or a liquidator.There are enormous price cuts on these returns and you might even find something you missed before it was sold out!Two things to keep in mind — Costco pricing is based on “cost plus.” They only mark up products by a maximum of 14% from their own cost, most prices are 8-10% markup.The exception is Kirkland Signature brand with a 15% markup.The reality is that because of the liberal return policy, you could conceivably return it at regular price and re-purchase at the sale price.This creates hassle for everyone and could create havoc in vendor relations. If the price drops for any reason, including if it's been given an Instant Savings coupon, you can get a price adjustment at the Membership Desk (bring your receipt to facilitate! So if you see a product will be eligible for instant savings in a week but you need it now, buy it now.Plus, if you've ever gotten flowers on Valentine's Day… Costco often sells seasonal items ahead of the season (so swim trunks in late winter), so I want to wait until they're about to discontinue them before I buy summer apparel. since Costco has a great return policy, people will naturally return stuff!One of the big parts about the Costco experience is the idea of the “treasure hunt.” Costco's product lines are based on the idea of . And some of that will be discontinued, seasonal, or other otherwise no longer being sold in the store but Costco doesn't want to return it to the vendor when it could just sell it.

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