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Black women dating outside race

For a man, the urge to take less risks with one partner is diminished as a man can reproduce far more often.

Why is all this relevant in today's world where monogamy is the main mode of reproductive relationships? When cavemen mated with cavewomen of another colour, they did not think of "oh she could ensure my children wont die from some disease that wipes out my people", its simply an imperative, an instinct naturally selected because this strategy is SUCCESSFUL.

Check out what they had to say: "I'm black, but I'm light-skinned so some people think I'm biracial or Native American or something.

(I actually am part Native American.) I LOVE white guys.

I don't know that many Asian guys." Photo Source: Shutterstock"I've never understood why race is such a big thing in the dating world.

It's okay to prefer one race over the other, but I hope one day race can just be unnoticeable in that world.

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